A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Part of #TasJam 2017

Ultimately, every piggie is an island.

Our design goal for this game was to create a situation where two players are placed in a hostile environment, with limited resources, and forced to both cooperate and compete in order to survive. Neither can win without the other, yet ultimately only one pig can escape the island. We wanted to see how that tension between cooperation and competition plays out. 

We did not even remotely come close to beginning to achieve this.

Instead we have two pigs, stranded on an island, trying to shoot each other into either drowning or falling into lava.

We tried a lot of new things on this project. That was probably our biggest mistake.


Pink Pig Player 1: WASD and V to fire

Purple Pig Player 2: Arrow keys and numpad 0 to fire

Note: it turns out most keyboards won't even let you press all these keys at once. So, try to cooperate?

Credits:  Tor, Maff


WindowsPigsty.zip 13 MB
MacPigsty.app.zip 17 MB

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